Thursday, April 26, 2007

Recording Session at the Magic Closet

This past monday and tuesday I was in the Magic Closet recording studio doing the tracking with my quartet for the upcoming cd to be released on Diatic Records. After an un-thrilling first day in which we didn't get much done(I was trying out a big ass fender amp that wasn't working for me) we came back the second day and charged through all ten tunes on the list. There are for sure some rough spots, but what the hell, it's live. I really dug the way Randy Rollofson, Tim Willcox and Bill Athens played my tunes - they really put some effort into pulling it together and go in the direction intended when I wrote them. The playing was all round very strong and the energy and atmosphere seems like it's coming across. We just started mixing this so there is still
alot to listen to.... Many thanks to Bryan Daste for a great job with the engineering!

Unfortunately, Tim wouldn't stop picking his nose long enough to get a proper picture...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Good Times

Damn last night was fun.
Myself, Drew Shoals, Matt Weiers and Guy Tyler played the PDX Underground Series last night to a nicely full room of people(many thanks to everyone who came) who actually dug the hell out of the crazy shit we were playing. The high points for me were probably the two free pieces that we began and ended the first set with. Playing with these musicians is a very powerful thing for me and I felt more excited about the music we made last night than almost any other show I've played since I got here. I think we reached a level of open-music playing that is most often neglected in these parts. Everyone was listening and reacting and playing such great, creative things that I really got high from it. There will surely be more of this group playing around.

Be sure to check out the next PDX Underground date:
April 17th, 9-11pm
Trio Subtonic
They play great brazilian/hip hopish groovy jazz.

Also coming up:
The Guy Tyler Band
w/ The New Sound of Funk and Copacrescent
April 7th @ the Fez Ballroom
Show starts at 9pm, GTB plays at 11
I'm really excited about playing the Fez with this funky soulful band. Please come out and dance and listen, you won't regret it.

Something to check out:
Matt Weiers has been interviewing prominent musicians and composers for some time now and he's finally taking them from the type writer to his website. There are some great, informative conversations here, and a picture of Matt on his sailboat.