Sunday, September 02, 2007

Floatilla 2007

Sept. 2nd- 7th I'm gonna be floating down the Columbia river from Portland to Astoria, every night playing a show with Guy Tyler on bass and Matt Weiers on keys. Our vessel is Matt's 20-something foot sailboat that has just recieved a new mast, made up of two 4x4's attached by metal brackets. I've yet to see the real effectiveness of the new addition, but I'm sure one way or another we'll make our way down to Astoria for the final blow-out show. We expect there to be a fairly dense crowd of fans awaiting us at the final stop, as the rumour of the floating band of players will have turned into something of legend. Assisting with the overall success of the venture are my wife, Lauren and Jesse and Jennifer Lavere. So that not one moment of Floatilla 2007 will go to waste, we have Jake the filmmaker in a second boat, faithfully documenting all Floating activity and delivering it to the hungry masses upon our return.
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