Friday, July 30, 2004

Top Five

Top Five Tenor Saxophonist - in no particular order (I just can bare to number them).
(Basically, the top five "tenor saxophonist that don't play anything that really bothers me right now")

John Coltrane - Mostly later Coltrane. I have to admit...hes just the shit [rhyme]
George Garzone - He is possibly the best "saxophonist" I've heard. Luckily he also plays real music.
Jerry Bergonzi - a.k.a. the jazz mafia (ill explain some other time) a.k.a. the Great White Jazz Musician. To me, he exemplifies educated jazz. He understands every note he plays. Both his greatest asset and his greatest weakness.
Joe Lovan0 - He just plays some beautiful music. Truthfully I wouldn't always put him on this list, but today he gets his place. It's a good day for Joe.
Mark Turner - Basically he just doesn't bother me right now. Besides...I love to listen to him play his harmonic stuff.

I know there are others and I've prolly forgotten someone very obvious. The only dead guy I felt I could put on the list was Trane and only because the music he played yesterday would still be considered original today.


I listened to Blue Line (Heartcore). I agree. Why doesn't Kurt blow like that on the rest of the album?


I'm still trying to recover from the gig tonight. It would be easier to recover from cancer. It was cancer.


Blogger Chris Mosley said...

you're kind of a depressing person, but i understand.
i don't know why kurt doesn't blow that on most of the other tunes. it's a fucking travesty.

10:51 AM  
Blogger Chris Mosley said...

definately Potter instead of Bergonzi. come on.

2:08 PM  
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