Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Arkansas' Best

I went to a jam session at the jazz club in little rock last night and rubbed elbows with Arkansas' elite jazz musicians.  It was a pretty impressive turnout, actually.  Five dollar cover for non-players and the tables were all full.  It looks like every monday they actually have live jazz, and once a month it's an open session.  The first two sets were hideous; lots of bad singers and what not.  The third set finally got going with myself and a few students from UALR.  Quite good players, really.  The house drummer, Dave Rogers, is apparently good friends and used to play alot with Ken Walker(did you know that his sextet is being sent to Australia or something to endorse a new Yamaha stick bass?) and sounds really good.  There were also two very piano players.  One west coast guy who was sure to let me know that he had played with Stan Getz and Richie Cole and had opened for Dave Brubeck and was generally just playing all over the solar system....  Then there was this older guy who was a little less inventive, but a very solid player.  I'm going to play some duo sessions with each one.  Psyched.  After the session, Dave offered me the feature artist gig next monday night playing guitar trio.  Psyched. 


Blogger Danny Meyer said...

Congrats. I'm sure it'll be nice to play with a real person again. How much does it pay? ha.

2:02 AM  

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