Sunday, May 22, 2005


Well I haven't done this in a while. Something about school makes me not want to do anything. At all. But school is done. Forever. That's right, Berklee, the great school of musical redundancies is a thing of my past. Good things happened there; dumb annoying things happened there that tought me all about what the words dumb and annoying really mean. Now i'm out. Not only out of school but out of the jazz elitist mind set where all the good ideas where taken up by 1964 and possibilities were only possible if they fit snugly inside someone else's idea of "JAZZ." I'm also finished, to a certain degree, with the 12 tone equal tempered system that we play in. It happens to not really work, which is a drag. I've been playing some fretless guitar and getting more into some middle eastern and Indian music.
From here i'm moving to portland, or which is exciting in many ways. I hear great things about the scene and have experienced great things with the people and city.