Friday, July 16, 2004

Masculine, Feminine

I had my Watsu with Art's wife (Aubrey yesterday. Hard to describe...maybe like meditating with out gravity. Intense shit. During that meditation, images of masuline and feminine began to float through me. Memories of myself and others. I felt truely balanced for the first time. I had an intense moment of clarity in which I saw the 'masculine in feminine' and the 'feminine in masculine.' As we have discussed previously, Masculine is to give and Feminine is to recieve (in the most basic sense). Yin and Yang. I now feel another dimention to that. Masculine is not only to give, but also to take. Feminine is not only to recieve but also to nurture and care for. Aubrey gave me a yo-yo yesterday. I have to go eat. I'll finish this post later.


Blogger Chris Mosley said...

that's cool about the yo-yo. i have been finding the masc/fem relationship everywhere these days, especially with art. i think it started mostly with the Da Vinci Code.

8:04 PM  

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